Xcelon-120814-body.jpgSterling HVAC announced the commercialization of the Xcelon system, a rooftop make-up air unit that combines hydronic condensing boiler technology with advanced air distribution and heat recovery methods for levels of efficiency up to 98%. Conceptualized and developed by Sterling, the Xcelon’s engineering integrates hydronic technology, a new air distribution system, and an integrated control platform to produce ultra-high efficiencies.

Available with an 800 to 1,200 MBH heating capacity, Xcelon utilizes a factory charged, closed loop 35% glycol mix for freeze protection with no separate water supply required. It can offer airflow of 4,501 to 10,000 cfm.
Other key features include BMS communication, integral spring isolators for vibration control and quiet operation, exclusive heat loss recovery system, fully modulating gas valve and VFD, and more.

The Xcelon is currently available in a heating-only configuration with Phase 2; an integral packaged cooling system including condensing coils, compressors, and factory-piped and charged refrigerant due out in early 2015.