NOTIFIER-112414-body.jpgNOTIFIER by Honeywell has launched the FAAST XT 9400X conventional aspirating smoke detector, designed to provide very early warning of smoke for large spaces up to 28,800 sq ft. As part of the System Sensor Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology (FAAST) line, the company says the FAAST XT 9400X continues to offer the same high level of false alarm immunity and precision sensing to protect challenging fire detection applications and critical facilities.

The FAAST XT 9400X can support a network of up to four pipes to protect as much as 28,800 sq ft per detector, making it ideal for large open spaces, such as warehouses, atriums, and cold storage units. Its pipes can run a total length of nearly 1,100 ft, with a maximum of 400 ft per single pipe. Long pipe runs enable the FAAST XT 9400X to be placed in a much more easily-accessed area for maintenance and testing, as opposed to common spot detectors. Elevator shafts and high ceilings are just a few examples of areas where this new detector’s long reach can cut down on service time.

All FAAST detectors continually sample air through their pipes, using two elements (blue LED and infrared laser) to analyze air and decipher incipient fire conditions as early as 30 to 60 minutes before a fire actually starts. FAAST employs a series of advanced algorithms, coupled with a choice of three sensitivity modes to practically eliminate nuisance alarms. In addition, a three-stage filtration system makes FAAST an ideal option for detecting fires in harsh environments with high air flow or a lot of dirt and other nuisance particulate matter.

Additional features of the FAAST XT 9400X include an internal web server for remote monitoring and immediate email notification of events. An internal three-speed fan can be configured for more or less area coverage, or to reduce power consumption of each unit. The new detector can also integrate with a BMS via Modbus TCP/IP communication.