Aquatherm North America officially opened a custom prefabrication operation at its headquarters in Lindon, UT.

As the marketing and support partner of the 41-year-old Aquatherm GmbH, Aquatherm North America has been providing custom prefabrication services to its customers since summer 2013.

“Aquatherm pipe systems are somewhat unique — especially in the large diameters like 24-in — because, while they perform like metal, they’re so much lighter, making them ideal for prefabrication,” said Aquatherm CEO and President, David Chen.

Aquatherm says it made a significant investment in personnel and the heat fusion welding tools necessary to accurately and efficiently produce a variety of custom prefabrication work. Among the prefabrication equipment installed are heat fusion welding machines manufactured by McElroy Manufacturing, Widos®, and Ritmo America.

“We started the prefab operation up and immediately began delivering a variety of prefabricated spools, manifolds, fittings, etc., that have been installed in everything from huge government data centers to hospitals and college campuses to name a few,” Chen said. “With proper planning and prefabrication, customers can save significant amount of time and money on a variety of applications, and we’re ready and willing to help customers see just how much they can save with these cost effective services.”

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