ROTRON-111714-body.jpgAMETEK Rotron has released a 19-in rack mountable liquid cooling heat exchanger assembly. The unit is one of a variety of similar heat exchangers that are designed to dissipate over 10kw of heat in demanding operating environments. The heat exchanger assembly is enclosed within a ruggedized 6U (10.5-in) aluminum chassis. The company says the unit is designed for years of reliable service in harsh and demanding applications, including military and commercial equipment racks. In one particular type of application, the heat exchanger pairs copper-nickel cores with a MAXIAX vaneaxial blower to dissipate heat from the electronics rack for a ship’s water supply.

Assemblies can be customized for different input voltages, heat transfer rates, chassis mounting options, and mil-grade environmental requirements, including acoustic and structure-borne noise requirements. The units also can be paired with tubeaxial fans and monitored using Rotron low-speed warning detectors. The units also can include power inverters that allow the use of 400Hz or DC fans and blowers. This enables increased volumetric flow and pressure within a very compact design.