ECx-Light-111014-feature-111014-body.jpgDistech Controls introduced its ECx-Light-4DALI, a lighting control expansion module part of Distech Controls’ Smart Room Control solution. The Smart Room Control solution consists of a programmable HVAC controller, lighting (ON/OFF, dimming, and now DALI) and shades/sunblind (up/down and angle rotation) expansion modules, a multi-sensor (motion and luminosity), a personal remote control, room sensor, and a free mobile application.

The DALI technology itself specifies address and group parameters for each ballast, allowing for precise control over lighting. Traditionally, a DALI installation requires onsite configuration, but this can be overcome with features offered by the ECx-Light-4DALI. With this new option, the DALI broadcast technology eliminates the need for individual ballast addressing and DALI bus configuration. As the DALI power supply is integrated, only the wiring for the lamp power supply is required. Wiring is therefore simplified and installation costs are reduced.
In addition, as a result of the lamp failure detection feature on the BMS and the run hours counting for each output, maintenance can be anticipated and facilitated.

Finally, the ECx-Light-4DALI lighting control module also allows for increased energy savings when all commands are at 0%. For example, at night, the relay controlling the power supply to the DALI ballast is turned off. This results in approximately 1W saved per ballast.