Danfoss-110314-body.jpgThe new Danfoss OJ ETO2 Snow Melt controller offers an t all-in-one control solution for ice and snow melting suitable for any application which uses hydronic or electric heating, including driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, stairs, ramps, bridges, and more. Danfoss officials claim the ETO2 offers an environmentally-friendly method of snow melting by eliminating the need for chemical treatments.

By using data received from the snow melting system’s temperature and moisture sensors, the controller ensures that the system is only energized when snow or ice are detected — enabling proficient management of energy consumption while keeping areas free of ice and snow. An encoder button and backlit graphic display helps to ensure easy configuration and simple indication of temperature, status, etc.

The ETO2 can control up to two zones by activating an individual output for each zone. In a 2-zone hydronic application, these outputs are connected directly to circulation pumps. For 1-zone hydronic systems, the ETO2 ensures the required supply water temperature by regulating a motorized mixing valve in response to supply water temperature.