The National Air Filtration Association named the recipients of its Clean Air Awards for 2014. The award is presented each year to the building owners and managers that take steps to significantly improve the quality of their indoor air by increasing the level or efficiency of their HVAC air filtration system in 10 specific categories.

Candidates are nominated by both NAFA members and members of the facility management community for the award, and must submit detailed and specific steps taken towards cleaning the indoor environment through better air filtration. A NAFA Certified Air Filter Specialist confirms these improvements. Awards are judged by the NAFA Clean Air Award Committee and each recipient receives a custom designed trophy, building signage, and recognition for their efforts.

The association said award-winning buildings must maintain IAQ diligence and submit inspection data each year in order to keep the NAFA Clean Air Award.

The 2014 recipients were:

• Artis REIT – MTS Place – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

•  Artis REIT – Royal Bank Building – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

•  Artis REIT – Winnipeg Square – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

•  Arcturus Realty Corporation – Standard Life Tower – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

•  Bentall-Kennedy – Tower 5 – Vancouver, BC

•  Birk’s Building – Talia Jevan Properties – Vancouver, BC

•  Brookfield Office Operations – Bankers Hall – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

•  Cadillac Fairview – Price Waterhouse Cooper Building – Vancouver, BC

•  Cadillac Fairview – Pacific Centre Tower 5 – Vancouver, BC

•  Cadillac Fairview – Pacific Centre Tower 6 – Vancouver, BC

•  CBRE- AIG  - Houston, TX

•  CBRE - 14800 Fyre Road, Fort Worth, TX

•  Endura Advisory Group - SWBC Tower – San Antonio, TX

•  Endura Advisory Group – The Pyramid – San Antonio, TX

•  ICM Realty Group Ltd. – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

•  Oxford Properties – Oceanic Plaza – Vancouver, BC

•  Union Gas -  Burlington District Office – Burlington, Ontario, Canada

• Union Gas – Corporate Office – Chatham, Ontario, Canada

•  Union Gas –  London Site – London, Ontario, Canada

•  Union Gas – Kingston Site – Kingston, Ontario, Canada

•  Union Gas – Hamilton Regional Office – Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada

•  Union Gas – Waterloo District Office – Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

•  Union Gas – Windsor Office – Winsor, Ontario, Canada

•  University of Kansas – Breidenthal Bioscience & Technology Building – Kansas City, KS

•  University of South Carolina – Columbia, SC

•  Westfield Heritage Square, Ltd. – Heritage Square – Calgary, Alberta, Canada