economizer-101314-body.jpgThe new EconomizerPro™ HVAC Monitoring Systems can record data from commercial rooftop units to find out if they are wasting energy. The system is simply added on to the unit. According to the manufacturer, it then uploads operational data to the cloud, where data is analyzed by sophisticated algorithms, identifying about $3,000 per year, per unit in wasted energy. Engineered based on the Title 24 requirements for economizer fault detection and diagnostics (FDD), EconomizerPro uses wireless sensors installed in air passages to measure inside air, outside air, and current. The EconomizerPro collects the data and uploads it to the cloud via a cellular link. Problems are analyzed to identify faults such as running air conditioning when the outside air is cold enough to cool off the building for free. Installation takes 30 minutes to one hour. Fault Detection Data streams immediately, and faults are identified in 24 hours to a week.