Danfoss-092914-body.jpgDanfoss says it has developed the new TU with F-charge TXV to help OEMs meet the new U.S. Department of Energy commercial refrigeration energy efficiency standards. The new F-bulb charge delivers low superheat in low- and medium-temperature refrigeration ranges, includes asymmetric ballast material that is proven to deliver more stable temperature control and, like all Danfoss TXV bulb charges, is HCFC-22 free. Similar to current Danfoss TUA valves on the market, the company claims the TU with F-charge valves feature laser-welded power elements that ensure diaphragm integrity, tough stainless steel capillary tubes, bi-metal connections for faster brazing, and an exchangeable orifice design for reduced complexity.  The valve is compatible with R407A, R407F, R404A, R507, R22, R407C, and R134a refrigerants.