FSElliott-092914-body.jpgFS-Elliott Co. recently launched their Polaris+ series. Building on the design of FS-Elliott’s original industrial compressors, the Polaris+ line incorporates several new product advancements aimed to increase reliability and efficiency while maintaining low cost of ownership. The new Polaris+ series consists of five models with flows ranging from 900 to 11,500 icfm, 250 to 3000 hp, and pressures up to 150 psig.

The company says the Polaris+ air compressors introduce mechanical and aerodynamic improvements that provide a step-change in compressor performance, reduction in mechanical losses, and enhancements in package reliability. Patent-pending technology and aerodynamic components help to ensure that plant operators realize reduced power consumption, resulting in lower energy costs.   

Internal and external surfaces of the Polaris+ units feature enhanced coatings designed to further extend product life and resist corrosion in both standard and extreme operating conditions. Recent package improvements include the flexibility for future upgrade consideration and allow for simple and compact installation at facilities with space limitations.