RetroLite-090814-body.jpgButler Manufacturing says building owners can now incorporate daylighting into existing buildings to minimize lighting-related electricity costs with the introduction of the RetroLite™ daylighting system. According to company officials, implementing daylighting technology can provide significant savings, as lighting-related electricity is often the highest operating expense in a building — frequently exceeding heating and cooling costs.

The RetroLite daylighting system, specially designed to replace the Lite*Panl® panel system, is available for retrofit applications to an MR-24® or CMR-24® roof system. Product benefits include the ability to add weathertight protection, harness the power of prismatics , and simplify installation. The diverter of the RetroLite daylighting system can be tied into the splice of a Lite*Panl panel system. In addition, its curbless design reduces the number of fasteners required, which decreases the field labor needed for installation.