NJK-Station-040814-body.jpgIntegrating thin film resistor sensing and patented air-sampling technology, the NJK Precision officials said its Air Flow Monitoring Station features an “air foil” and multiple precision-formed air passages (hole pattern) that are integrated into a stainless-steel assembly. Built to order, the structure’s engineered hole pattern can maintain its measuring accuracy even with 50% hole blockage. The system fits into existing ductwork – no duct removal is required. Installation requires cutting an opening, adding a C-Channel insert, sliding the sensor in, and installing a cover plate. No K-factor or in-field adjustments are required.

The company claims the NJK Air Flow Monitoring Station improves comfort, health, and workplace productivity while saving energy and reducing the cost to operate any air make-up system. Test results show lab accuracy of ~ 0.5% and installed accuracy of ~ 2%.

Improved accuracy reduces energy consumption by helping a building’s system optimize air exchanges. To achieve necessary air exchanges, conventional systems overcome limitations in sensor accuracy by bringing in extra outside air (heating cold air in the winter and cooling hot air in the summer). Even the low air flow common with outside air intake can be measured accurately with the NJK Precision sensor, said officials.