Greenheck-072814-body.jpgGreenheck has expanded its line of mixed flow inline fans with the addition of Model EQB. According to Greenheck, the fan combines the best properties of centrifugal and vane axial fans while providing higher efficiency and lower sound levels. Model EQB’s octagonal housing is manufactured of formed galvanized steel panels coupled with a heavy-gauge steel drive frame for and durability. An aluminum mixed flow wheel ensures maximum efficiency and low sound levels. Standard universal mounting supports, field-rotatable housing, and removable duct collars allow for easier installation.

Available in six sizes, Model EQB offers a performance range up to 23,000 cfm and static pressure up to 3 in wg. Licensed to bear the AMCA seal for Sound and Air Performance, Model EQB is recommended for indoor, commercial clean air applications where quiet operation is desired. Typical installations include office buildings, educational facilities, libraries, hospitals, concert halls, and parking garages.