That’s right, we’ve got an app for that. We just finished a several-part series on how to incorporate the computing and processing abilities of increasingly popular tablets into your engineering life, thanks to Jeff Seewald. So as personal electronics and reference materials become a larger part of life on the job and in the field, it’s only fitting that we offer one more tool for your handheld toolbox: ours.

The ES Magazine app is up and running, awaiting your download regardless of whether you use an iSomething or prefer to fetch it via Google’s store. It’s obviously a little more spacious on the tablet/iPad, but it still packs the same punch on the phone as well. (And of course, it’s free.)

Once you download and install the ES app, you’ll need to sign in the first time you crank it up, using the same log-in info you use to access the full ES site. After that, it’ll recognize you automatically.

From then on, you’ll have our archive of articles and columns. Perhaps more importantly, it’s easy to check the daily industry news when you have a spare second, and you can also sort the recent content by the same equipment categories we use on the website, in case you’re after some more tailored content.

I’m pretty excited that we can finally deliver this to you, in our effort to make the most practical news and info available to you however and wherever you might use it. Pick it up and see what you think.


Back when Qatar was awarded the 2022 World Cup, I wondered out loud in this space about how exactly they’d make that work. With this year’s World Cup extravaganza recently concluded, maybe we should ponder it some more, especially on the heels of some hot temps and in-game “water breaks” in Brazil.

I’ll point you to Chase Tunnell’s post from March on the website of Dominion Service Company ( Like me, he points out the obvious — summer months in Qatar are pretty hot, typically hitting the century mark in Fahrenheit. Tunnell points to some possible tactics for diluting the effects of the heat, including some clever ideas about using solar panels and waste heat in an effort to temper the air in the vicinity. It’s worth reading the full (but concise) post and waiting to see how this plays out.

Who knows, maybe other recent FIFA controversies will lead to a change of venue. But otherwise, it’s going to be a massive challenge for someone to make sure that the players are the only ones flopping, and even then not from heat stroke but just an overheated sense of drama.


It’s never a bad time to swing by our Critical Facilities microsite when you visit us online. This month, Christopher Johnson, P.E. of Syska Hennessy contributes a brief piece titled “An Electrical Win-Win Situation.” For those who deal directly with electrical systems, or see value in expanding peripheral knowledge of other building systems, it’s a few minutes well spent on circuit breakers and the continuous loads of many critical applications. Review it anytime at

Speaking of critical facilities, we are gearing up for another interesting session at the AHR Expo. The debut event in New York packed the room. This time around, we’re looking at expanding the seminar (and possibly the room) when we roll into Chicago for another bracing but worthwhile week. So put that on your radar, but for now, enjoy the much warmer weather and expect details to come.