Fan_370-062314-body.jpgMacroAir says it has improved on high volume, low speed (HVLS) fan technology with its new product line called AirVolution-D. MacroAir’s AirVolution-D is powered by a motor technology called D-Drive, which is a compact electric motor capable of handling the consistent torque requirements of a 24-ft diameter industrial fan. At the heart of AirVolution-D is a motor design which the company says delivers 50% more mechanical horsepower and 75% more wind power than current HVLS fans on the market.

D-Drive eliminates the need for a massive gearbox, slicing 45% of the weight and eliminates numerous moving parts. Fans are available in sizes from 6 ft to 24 ft, allowing MacroAir fans to go into more spaces. AirVolution-D can be installed in as low as 12-ft ceiling heights and offers custom color options.

AirVolution-D is currently available in three model options: 370, 550, and 780. The company claims the AirVolution- D 370 combines exceptional power in a compact design with blades ranging from 6 ft to 12 ft, and integrates into most small spaces. The 370 is ideal for ceiling heights as low as 12-ft where traditional HVLS fans simply can’t go. This model is suggested for hotels, restaurants, retailers, and small office spaces.
The AirVolution-D 550 is effective at controlling temperature and humidity with blades ranging from 8 ft to 18 ft. it is optimal for medium to large spaces such as auto shops, gyms, and agricultural applications like dairy farms and equine facilities. AirVolution-D 780 is designed for heavy-duty applications and ideal for extra-large spaces like warehouses, airports, and stadiums. Blades range from 20 ft to 24 ft and generate 75% more wind power than any other fan of the same size on the market, according to the manufacturer. Both the 550 and 780 models are Wash Down Duty rated.