30XAV-061614-body.jpgCarrier has added a new product to its AquaForce line of chillers with the introduction of the 30XA with Greenspeed Intelligence. The company says the addition of Greenspeed Intelligence will help consulting engineers and building owners meet the efficiency demands of today and the future. The addition of variable speed condenser fans and variable speed screw compressors allows the 30XA with Greenspeed Intelligence to match load conditions. Additionally, the chiller features new Touch Pilot® controls, which allow the building owner to easily monitor and log trend data, access the unit through any web browser, and regulate the chiller while accurately maintaining fluid temperatures. It also offers a full-load Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) up to 10.8 and an Integrated Part Load Value (IPLV) up to 18.1. The single-chassis design provides a one-piece unit from 140 to 350 nominal tons.