armstrong-050214-body.jpgArmstrong Fluid Technology has introduced a new chiller plant automation system targeted at optimizing the performance of air-cooled chiller plants. The company says the IPC 9511 streamlines plant operations and can lower operating costs. Facility managers and engineers can benefit from this fully field-configurable solution with automation features for constant speed and variable speed configurations.

The IPC 9511 includes pre-configured serial communication setup options for most common chillers, VFDs, and Armstrong’s Design Envelope pumps. The system can also be configured for communications with the local building automation system.

Armstrong’s IPC 9511 also offers patent-pending sensorless pump speed control technology, allowing owners to save on the cost of remote differential pressure zone sensors and flow meters. The IPC 9511 on its own can provide both variable primary flow automation, and is also configurable for primary secondary plant configurations. The IPC 9511 is fully internet and intranet capable and can support Armstrong’s ECO*PULSE™ Health Management System to provide local 24/7 automated plant diagnostics with analysis and cloud-based reporting capabilities.