coolerado-042814-body.jpgCoolerado has launched its M50 Downflow air conditioning unit delivering an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) above 40 when used as stand-alone and above 21 when working in concert with DX Roof Top Units (RTU). The company claims the M50 Downflow line was designed for easy installation on commercial roof curbs.

The M50 Downflow can meet the cooling demands of a building by itself or can be installed to help RTUs during the first stage of cooling and bringing fresh air into the building while reducing the energy consumption and keeping the building cool. The air conditioner can reduce electricity consumption by at least 40% during peak demand hours while helping the building meet ventilation rates driven by the ASHRAE standard 62.1, ventilation for acceptable indoor air quality.

The M50 can be used to score LEED points, and the modular design increases cooling capacity as cooling demand grows in size or density.