din-mon-031014-body.jpgHoneywell has introduced its Din-Mon™ energy meters, communicating submeters that integrate with the Building Automation Systems and help building owners and managers monitor, measure, and reduce energy costs. In response to customer demand for easy installation, Honeywell says its Din-Mon energy meters can be installed on wall mounted DIN rail or in HVAC equipment enclosures.

Designed to be installed in both new and retrofit DIN rail installations, revenue grade Din-Mon energy meters enable tenant billing and departmental cost allocation as well as providing insight into energy use patterns to identify failing equipment and inefficiencies. They are ideal for a variety of facilities including commercial, multi-family, industrial, educational, institutional, and governmental.

The Din-Mon is a communicating submeter that integrates directly with a Building Automation System for monitoring key system data over Ethernet. Din-Mon offers full on-screen set up and configuration via an enhanced user interface.

The meters are designed for use in one-, two- and three-phase applications. They use industry standard ModBUS, BACnet, and LON communication protocols. They also feature 38 points of data including kWh and kW, power factor per phase, real-time load in kW, amps per phase, and volts per phase.