SpireMetering-030314-body.jpgSpire Metering Technology has released its next-generation handheld ultrasonic flow meter, the Regal Series RH40 Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter. The company says the RH40 is engineered to deliver fast, portable non-intrusive flow and energy measurement across a broad array of pipe sizes and applications for water, waste water, heating, cooling, and other liquid flow applications.

The successor to the Regal Series RH20, the RH40, is completely portable and relies on clamp-on sensors to effectively perform non-intrusive measurements on flow, temperature, and heat-energy (BTU) consumption on pipes ranging from 0.5-120 in. in diameter. The RH40 handheld unit weighs in at only 1 pound and provides data logging storage, rich analog input and output options, and comprehensive onsite diagnostic features. Its Bluetooth interface, together with companion software, provides connectivity to a smart phone or PC for data downloading, detailed data visualization, and analysis. All products are backed by a 100% satisfaction, two-year quality guarantee.