screen_controller-030314-body.jpgPowerhouse Dynamics has expanded the remote equipment control functionality of its enterprise energy and asset management system. In addition, the company reported that the system has been renamed SiteSage™, replacing the eMonitor™ name under which it has been known. SiteSage is designed for multi-site operators of small commercial facilities, such as restaurant, convenience store, and specialty retail chains. According to the company, the new SiteSage Controller has the ability to control equipment and has been extended beyond HVAC to any equipment including lighting.

SiteSage allows customers to centrally control HVAC and other equipment via an intuitive web interface and mobile apps. It also remotely monitors equipment and uses sophisticated analytics to diagnose performance issues, enhance maintenance, and identify savings opportunities. SiteSage allows users to benchmark energy usage and equipment performance across facilities, allowing multi-location companies to identify and share best practices, optimizing performance across the chain.

The new controller can manage multiple zones, each supporting multiple circuits, and controls both single-phase equipment such as lighting and 3-phase equipment such as exhaust fans.