BITZER-022214-body.jpgBitzer’s Oribt 6 Series Scroll Compressors for R410A are based on the design of the company’s Orbit 8 Series Scrolls. The 6 Series is designed for applications ranging from 10-20 HP, and according to Bitzer officials offers market leading energy efficiency and the lowest sound levels in their class by 2 – 4 dB(A).

Designed for both AC and heat pump applications, the compressors offer high power factors and have a large application range and a high condensing temperature limit up to a SCT = 155°F.

Bitzer’s new patent pending Advanced Header Technology for uneven scroll compressor tandems and trios provides multiple compressor combinations for OEMs designing their next generation systems. Taking advantage of the design characteristics of the Orbit series, including an isolated oil sump design and good miscible PVE oil, Bitzer says its Orbit series has exceptionally low oil carry-over rates. The Advanced Header Technology then operates by ensuring that small differences in pressure drop in header tubing does not impact oil balance between compressors in low mass-flow situations like those found in many air-to-water heat-pumps.