Cimetrics Inc. has introduced Analytika, a suite of data analytics solutions for process manufacturing and commercial buildings.

Analytika for Buildings (AFB), formerly Infometrics, aims to deliver return on investment in energy savings, sustainability, and tenant comfort for clients in pharmaceuticals and life sciences, higher education, healthcare, and government.

Cimetrics has also unveiled Analytika for Process (AFP), which addresses the needs of senior process managers and quality leaders. Analytika for Process delivers real-time monitoring of process parameters and mission critical assets. The data analysis, recommendations, and discovery tools are presented through a web-based application. The company claims the software as a service delivers improved process reliability, quality, and throughput while reducing the risk of catastrophic failures and regulatory compliance issues.

With both Analytika for Buildings and Analytika for Process, clients have the choice of managing their operation using software as a service or Cimetrics engineering services, which are provided through Analytika Pro. Clients of Analytika have the ability to outsource as much or as little as they desire and can adjust the blend of software as a service, or analysis from Cimetrics, to match their changing priorities.

"For over 15 years, Cimetrics has been the leader in monitoring-based ongoing commissioning, delivering superior energy savings, sustainability, and tenant comfort and we will continue to deliver value in these areas,” said Jim Lee, Cimetrics CEO. “We have listened to our clients, and we are now thrilled to extend our expertise and technology to provide piece of mind to manufacturing and quality leaders who are increasingly concerned with productivity and risk mitigation."

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