mitsubishi-020314-body.jpgMitsubishi Electric U.S. Cooling & Heating Division has made enhancements to the P-Series Hyper-Heating INVERTER (H2i®) heat pump outdoor units for light commercial applications. Featuring H2i technology, the company says its H2i P-Series boasts higher efficiency and performance with improved heating capacity at very low ambient conditions. The units Hot Start process guarantees warm air flow from the start, which is critical in cold climate conditions where heating performance truly counts. Additionally, the P-Series offers multiple fan speeds, and its humidity-reducing dry mode helps to combat excess moisture in rooms.

At -13ºF, the H2i P-Series outdoor units operate at 80% of rated heating capacity, improving by 10% compared to previous models. Additionally, the system provides 100% of rated heating capacity at ambient temperatures down to 5ºF; at -4ºF, the system maintains operation at 87% of rated heating capacity.