Bosch-012014-body.jpgBosch has introduced a new lineup of 9- and 14-gallon vacuums. The VAC090S and VAC090A 9-gallon vacuums and VAC140S and VAC140A 14-gallon vacuums are designed to increase dust extraction performance and decrease the loss of suction by offering two options of on-board filter cleaning; semi-automatic and automatic. These features are especially important in applications that require premium dust extraction such as tuckpointing, concrete surfacing, concrete drilling, cutting and chipping concrete, and collecting a diversity of dust particles in stationary workshops.

Outfitted with an automatic filter cleaning mechanism, the VAC090A and VAC140A self clean the flat pleated filter through a reverse airflow every 15 seconds during operation without compromising suction or performance. The VAC090S and VAC140S use a similar airflow cleaning process and include a module on the hose that allows the user to cut off suction and activate the filter cleaning with the push of a button. Filter cleaning, however, is not recommended when using a HEPA filter as these are delicate and must be handled carefully. Instead, users should use a fleeced or paper bag as a pre-filter to prevent the HEPA filter from becoming clogged.
Other noteworthy features of the VAC090 and VAC140 vacuums are integrated cord and hose storage solutions, and a wet vacuuming water level sensor that protects the motor by automatically shutting down the device when water reaches a maximum height during wet applications.

The VAC090 and VAC140 will be available in February 2014 at authorized dealers nationwide.