United CoolAir Corp. celebrated the company’s 25th anniversary with a visit from the mayor of York, PA.

Neil R. Tucker, president of UCA, welcomed Mayor C. Kim Bracey to the company’s plant in York on December 12. He discussed the history of the commercial and portable air conditioning business, took the mayor on a tour of the manufacturing facility, and introduced her to several employees.

“I am proud that The City of York has been ‘home’ to United Cool Air for 25 years. Their commitment to excellence in their field is outstanding and I look forward to their continued success during the next 25 years,” said Mayor Bracey.

UCA began manufacturing air conditioning equipment in 1988 for military applications along with highly specialized HVAC systems for commercial applications. Presently, UCA creates a line of air conditioning systems that include horizontal ceiling mount, several styles of vertical systems, outside air systems, VAV units, and the VariCool EZ-Fit. They also manufacture a full line of portable air conditioners and heating systems for the rental and temporary cooling industry.

United CoolAir thanked its customers with an open letter on the company’s website. Tucker wrote: “When you purchase from UCA, you are partnering with a team of incredibly talented, experienced, hard-working and dedicated individuals. Our employees’ attention to detail and craftsmanship is second to none. They take great pride in what they do.

“Looking towards the future, UCA will continue to meet and exceed demands for more efficient systems because we strive to stay ahead of the latest trends in the HVAC industry and we listen to our customers.”