Lennox-111813-body.jpgLennox has introduced the SmartAirflow™ system, available on 3- to 5-ton high-efficiency Energence® rooftop units. This new sensor-based system is a factory installed option that measures, controls, and verifies supply and ventilation airflow. The SmartAirflow system increases supply fan power savings and can save an average of 35% of annual ventilation energy consumption, according to the company.

SmartAirflow works with an economizer and the Prodigy® Control System on the Energence rooftop unit to accurately manage fresh air ventilation throughout the day. This continuous control of airflow helps prevent over- and under-ventilation resulting in significant cost savings each month, as well as optimal indoor air quality. In addition, SmartAirflow provides five independent adjustable supply airflow settings. This allows for lowering of airflow for modes where higher speeds are not needed resulting in further supply fan power savings.