Rosenberg-111113-body.jpgFive sizes of Rosenberg's electronically commutated (EC) backward curved fans are now available with 5.5 kW motors for greater power and efficiency. The new fans feature three-phase motors with nominal input voltages of 230V and 460V. They are 100% speed controllable and are CE, UL, and RoHS approved. Other features include closed motor protection class IP 44/54 for reliability in humid environments, and thermal contacts wired into windings for motor protection. Standard maintenance free ball bearings, closed on both sides, are sealed for life.

The range of sizes for the new KH Series fans includes 450 mm, 500 mm, 560 mm, 630 mm, and 710 mm fans. They deliver up to 7 in of water gauge of static pressure or up to 14,000 cfm of airflow at free air, making them ideal for a wide range of HVAC and air movement applications.