Schneider-100413-body.jpgSchneider Electric has introduced a new drive that combines the Lexium 32 servo controller and the Lexium BMH servo motor into a single unit. The servo controller is installed directly in the machine as opposed to the control cabinet, which reduces the installation effort and eliminates the need for shielded motor cables. The benefits include increased flexibility, simplified engineering, less wiring, and reduced energy costs. The compact Lexium 32i servo drive is based on a strictly modular design which the company says allows for the configuration of numerous individual drive versions with just a few components. This allows the Lexium 32i drive to combine the advantages of an integrated servo drive – less engineering and installation effort as well as reduced space requirements in the control cabinet – with the flexibility in customizing drives to meet the needs of unique production environments.

Costs savings stem from the decreased control cabinet size, reduced wiring, and simplified installation of the Lexium 32i drive. The wiring and connector concept allows the connection cables to be mounted to the top or the rear of the drive, and the drive can be adapted to the machine’s design requirements as opposed to requiring the system to adapt to the drive. The servo motor and the drive are a single unit, eliminating the need for power and encoder cables. This decreased engineering effort and the total harmonic factor during operation lead to increased machine reliability and cost savings.