invensor-093013-body.jpgBerlin-based InvenSor GmbH says it is advancing the global distribution of its adsorption chillers in the range of up to 200 kW. Made in Germany, the company develops patented environmentally-friendly technology based on a physical process called adsorption to create cooling from heat without using electrical energy. The company claims that the major advantage of this advanced cooling and air conditioning technology is that it can reduce electricity consumption by up to 70% compared to compression chillers. In addition to the potential energy savings, adsorption chillers stand out for their refrigerant – they use pure water instead of volatile, harmful, and high-maintenance refrigerants. The chillers from InvenSor also produce cold water using heat instead of electricity to drive the system. Typical heat sources include combined heat and power units, solar thermal systems (solar cooling), and industrial waste heat. The possible applications for cooling range from data centers, offices and stores, to the cooling of industrial processes. These adsorption chillers come in two versions. The distinction here lies in the overall climatic conditions of the project concerned. The HTC 18 plus (high-temperature chiller) is ideal for use in warm regions, where it can operate even at high recooling temperatures of 40°C and above. It has a nominal cooling capacity of 18 kW (5.1 RT or 61,400 BTU/h). In addition to the HTC, the company also offers a different version for low drive and external temperatures. The LTC 10 plus (low-temperature chiller) is used mainly in mild climatic regions and is suited for use with CHP systems. In such cases, the result is a highly efficient combined heat, cooling, and power plant. The LTC has a cooling capacity of 10 kW (2.8 RT or 34,100 Btu/h) and can achieve almost 100% of its capacity when operating with a drive temperature of only 65°C.