flaretite-093013-body.jpgFlaretite’s new bonnet seal fits all standard ¼ in flared SAE fill connections. The company says these seals make any fill connection fitting permanently leak-free, and still allow serviceability should the connection require servicing.  Flaretite bonnet seals are copper stampings coated with a dry-to-the-touch Loctite sealant, using the company’s sealing ring technology. Place the bonnet seal onto the nose of the fill connection prior to installing the cap. The fitting should then be tightened to its recommended torque.  Flaretite Seals are rated from –65 to 300ºF. They are compatible with all common refrigerants, hydraulic fluids, fuels, oils, compressed air, most gases, process fluids, and steam.  Seals and torque wrenches are available through local distributors around the world.