Trane-091613-body.jpgTrane has unveiled its EarthWise™ Intelligent Variable Air Systems. The manufacturer claims the system is a key part of a cost-effective, energy-saving building design that can improve HVAC system efficiency by 20% to 30% when compared to a traditional VAV system. Available for both new installations and retrofits, the systems use advanced technology, new design strategies, and optimized controls to deliver lower energy costs and higher occupant satisfaction. The system dashboard includes built-in calculations to help define the provided cost savings. The user interfaces are optimized for mobile use, so the system adapts for monitoring and management from a workstation, tablet, or smartphone. The Earthwise Intelligent Variable Air System, which can be viewed on the Tracer™ Building Automation System Operator Suite application, allows customers to monitor systems, make setpoint changes, view dashboard graphics, control spaces, and manage alarms. EarthWise Intelligent Variable Air Systems incorporate the use of reliable Trane Wireless Comm technology, which the company says eliminates wiring between equipment, system controllers, and temperature sensors.