Telkonet Inc. has released EcoCentral Virtual EngineerT™, a cloud-based energy management command center, which the company says brings new tools to help building managers save energy.

“Energy management demands have skyrocketed across all markets,” said Jason Tienor, Telkonet's CEO. “And we have the latest generation of technology in our EcoCentral Virtual Engineer.  When integrated with our EcoSmartT™ Suite of wireless networked energy management products, the EcoCentral Virtual Engineer provides a robust, cloud-based building control platform with 24/7 remote monitoring services that maximizes a building's energy efficiency and cost savings while reducing dependency on physical staff."

EcoCentral Virtual Engineer communicates with Telkonet’s EcoSmart intelligent wireless thermostats, occupancy sensors, door and window contacts, outlets, and light switches. It forms a secure wireless mesh network that communicates information between rooms, floors, and buildings. It also enables facility staff to control building zones, visualize facility data points, evaluate equipment performance, monitor total energy savings, and more.

"EcoSmart in-room energy management components monitor energy usage, HVAC runtime metrics, current flow, and more," said Telkonet CTO Jeff Sobieski. "Applying our sophisticated technology in each controlled room provides EcoCentral Virtual Engineer with the raw data necessary to create usable, actionable reports for facility staff."

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