Energy, high performance buildings, and indoor air quality are just some of the topics that will take center stage during future ASHRAE conferences. The organization recently announced its 2013-2014 conference names and locations.  

ASHRAE IAQ 2013: Environmental Health in Low Energy Buildings will be held Oct. 15-18 in Vancouver, BC. According to ASHRAE, the conference reviews the state of knowledge on the balance between environmental health and energy efficiency in the pursuit of low energy buildings and covers a range of topics from residential and commercial buildings, new construction and retrofit, active and passive approaches, design and operation. 

Next will be the  ASHRAE Winter Conference, Jan. 18-22, in New York City. It will be held in conjunction with the AHR Expo. The 2014 winter conference will have a building-oriented theme with papers and presentations related to building information systems, environmental health, international design, HVACR applications and systems, and tall building performance.

Later in the year, ASHRAE will present the First International Conference on Energy and Indoor Environment for Hot Climates, Feb. 24-26, in Doha, Qatar. ASHRAE will then come to San Francisco, April 7-8, for the High Performance Buildings Conference. At the end of the month, ASHRAE will travel to Manila, Philippines, April 24-25, for the Efficient, High Performance Buildings for Developing Economies conference.

The ASHRAE Annual Conference will then come to Seattle from June 28-July 2. The conference will address broad topics in the application of technology to practice, specific applications in ground source heat pumps, operations and maintenance and indoor environmental quality, as well as new reports on research taking place worldwide.

ASHRAE will then team up with IBPSA-USA for the Building Simulation Conference. The conference will be held Sept. 10-12 in Atlanta.