BACnet is now an option on all Allied Commercial K-Series packaged rooftop equipment. The K-Series line is the first-ever Allied Commercial product to offer integration into building automation systems.

“Introducing BACnet to the K-Series line is a response to the growing need to tie Allied Commercial products into building automation systems,” said Nick Orth, Allied Commercial marketing manager. “With the increasing adoption by our customers of BACnet over competing BAS systems, this move will help us fit into more applications in the spec and bid and replacement markets.”

Available as a factory- or field-installed option, BACnet allows users remote control and monitoring of their building’s efficiency and performance. The K-Series option is a BTL-Certified device that ensures seamless integration with BACnet systems, along with password protection that locks out unwanted changes from within the space.

Product features include two-stage heating and cooling controls in additional to an economizer control, an optional field-installed safety switch, optional field-installed discharge sensor, and two levels of password protection. A room sensor is required for BACnet integration; available models include a simple zone sensor that offers basic functionality or a communication sensor that offers advanced functionality features like adjustable override, password protection, and setup capabilities.