amtek-062413-body.jpgThe Thermox® WDG-V combustion analyzer can measure oxygen, combustibles, and methane levels in hot, wet flue gas. The company says its analyzer provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for monitoring combustion, reducing excess oxygen, lowering emissions of NOx, CO, and CO2 and improving operating efficiency.  Features of the WDG-V combustion analyzer include an improved aspirator design with larger orifice sizes, low-flow sample alarm that monitors combustion gas flow at the sensors, automatic verification of cell and detector integrity, cell and detector age tracking for proactive calibration or service scheduling. The WDG-V can be installed as either as a stand-alone analyzer with analog/HART, discrete and Modbus RS-485 bi-directional communications or supplied in a typical “sensor/controller” configuration with the addition of an AME Vision HMI that provides a graphical display and membrane keypad, Modbus, TCP/IP Ethernet connection, embedded Web Enabled Interface and USB data collection port.