The U.S. Green Building Council and the American Institute of Architects commended the U.S. Conference of Mayors for passing a slate of sustainability resolutions. The resolutions renew the commitment to local green building and clean energy efforts, which USGBC says spurs economic savings and protects the environment.

“Once again, mayors are showing courage and leadership by embracing a strong sustainability and green building policy agenda that helps communities save money, save energy, and create jobs,” said Jason Hartke, vice president of national policy at USGBC. “As the first responders on the frontlines in the battle to combat climate change, they are seeking out effective solutions and smart public policy that will help strengthen their local economies.”

The 10 measures passed include the support of resilient communities, stronger building energy codes, transportation investment grants, and improving infrastructure.

“The passage of these resolutions reflect the ardent dedication of all our mayors who are working to revitalize the economy through infrastructure investment and clean energy programs as well as green building and smart transportation improvements,” said Paul Mendelsohn, AIA’s vice president of government and community relations. “They are taking a smart, integrated approach across all sectors of the economy to drive sustainability, improve health, and advance the triple-bottom line.”

The resolutions passed by the Conference of Mayors include doubling the nation’s energy productivity, supporting the renewal of the Federal Brownfields Tax Deduction, and a support of the Federal Historic Tax Credit. The mayors have also endorsed the “Maximum Achievable Building Energy Efficiency Improvements” in the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code.