Trane-060313-body.jpgThe Trane® Advantage VRF™ variable refrigerant system features variable-speed compressor technology and offers customizable solutions for temperature control and occupant comfort. The new systems from Trane adopt ‘smart inverter’ compressors and feature an upgraded vapor injection system, providing improved performance over previous versions. According to the manufacturer, using refrigerant to move energy around the building is far more efficient than other conventional heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Variable-speed compressor technology matches energy use to the demands of the building and only heats and cools the areas that require it. The systems are highly scalable and can supplement other heating and cooling solutions for difficult climate control areas. The units are also suited for use as a stand-alone or additional system in historic buildings, multi-tenant buildings, diversely occupied buildings, tenant-finished commercial properties and other area-containing buildings such as luxury suites, ticket offices and administrative rooms, where full control over temperatures can provide additional comfort and value. The external and internal units themselves are compact and come in a variety of options, from 3- to 36-ton outdoor units which require no equipment room to ½- to 7 ½ ton indoor units, which can be concealed above ceilings or installed in the desired space.