Silent Knight by Honeywell has expanded its nationwide training courses to cover the new IntelliKnight 5820XL-EVS mass notification system and carbon monoxide detection. A schedule of dates and locations is now available for Silent Knight’s basic Fire Drill course, and its more advanced Tech Ed course. Both courses offer participants certificates of completion and continuing education units.

Demands for more training on the 5820XL-EVS mass notification system and CO detection have continued to increase due to recent events and the passing of stricter codes on the state level, said Shawn Burke, training supervisor for Silent Knight.

“We’ve always had the capability to evacuate people out of buildings. Now with mass notification, we can override that signal to provide real-time instructions to help occupants better protect themselves from things like tornadoes and intruder attacks,” said Burke. “Addressable CO detection is another hot topic many ask about because more and more states are requiring it.”

The one-day Fire Drill course provides a basic introduction to fire alarm systems and the IntelliKnight product line from Silent Knight, including fire alarm control panels and devices. New to Fire Drill is an overview of Silent Knight’s IntelliKnight 5820XL-EVS Emergency Voice System, which combines both fire alarm and mass notification into one package, in addition to CO detection offerings.

The Tech Ed course is two days devoted to the features, installation, and programming of IntelliKnight systems. In addition to the 5820XL-EVS mass notification system and CO detection, this hands-on training covers a wide breadth of IntelliKnight control panels, modules, power supplies, dialers, and IP communications. Tech Ed is specifically designed to educate seasoned technicians that require more comprehensive technical training.

A full schedule of new course locations and dates through the end of 2013 is now available on