Daikin-McQuay-042213-body.jpgCustomization built for optimum footprint, performance and reliability.

Daikin McQuay has introduced a Custom Air Handler line, which allows units to be designed according to their specification for demanding applications in new or existing buildings.

With a wide selection of options and unique two inch variable dimensioning, custom-built air handlers provide unlimited configurations, giving engineers and contractors ultimate design flexibility. The Daikin McQuay Custom Air Handler line can even provide a viable solution for demanding applications where increased filtration is needed. With the ability to attain a maximum of Class 6 leakage the units can be customized for use in healthcare facilities, clean rooms or labs.

The Daikin McQuay Custom Air Handler line offers ease of installation and service in new construction or existing buildings. With modular design flexibility, engineers have the ability to vary the length, width or height in 2 in. increments, so that custom air handling units can easily be designed to fit into critical spaces and through fixed doorways. And, with options to add access and service vestibules or to choose the type of door handle and swing, accessing and servicing the unit in small or restricted access areas is a snap. Additionally, Daikin McQuay’s low leakage cabinet construction incorporates a patented splice collar design and welded frame channels that eliminate the need for field-installation caulking and associated costs.

“We are committed to helping engineers and contractors solve complex design challenges,” said Glenn Wilson, marketing manager at Daikin McQuay. “Having custom air handlers that provide ultimate design flexibility puts total control into the engineers’ hands so they can satisfy the needs of the building as well as the building owner, contractors and facility managers, for the life of the unit.” 

The new custom air handler line also provides engineers with the ability to maximize energy efficiency with a variety of energy saving options including energy recovery wheel, direct-drive plenum fan array options and extensive coil selections.