ASHRAE says its members now have increased opportunities to find jobs within their chosen field under an expanded jobs board.

ASHRAE and BirdDog, which have worked together since 2009, provide job board support at According to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers’, this new expansion will make it easier for employers to fill built environment technology positions. More specifically, the ASHRAEjobs site will allow employers, looking to hire ASHRAE members, to post their listings throughout the BirdDog family of job boards. It will also ensure all ASHRAE members have the opportunity to see the job posting.

“Our members are in high demand, and that’s good news,” Tim Wentz, volunteer chair of ASHRAE’s Publishing and Education Council, which oversees “Unfortunately, like so many industries, companies wanting to or already employing ASHRAE members, report troubles finding the right candidate. The improved ASHRAEjobs site, along with its four years of history, gives us the foundation to expand our efforts and ensure the right talent is being matched up with the right job.”

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