The Association for Demand Response & Smart Grid launched its second annual “Call for Creative.” The contest asks firms to submit work they have done, or will be doing, in order to have their efforts recognized by practitioners and policymakers in the industry.   

            The “Call for Creative” is held in conjunction with the 10th annual National Town Meeting on Demand Response and Smart Grid July 9-11 in Washington, D.C.

“As DR (demand response) and smart grid have grown in recent years, parties have had to create innovative communications efforts to reach out to their customers,” said Dan Delurey, executive director of ADS. “We want to offer them the opportunity to show off their creative ideas and provide examples of what has worked.”

Guidelines for submission can be found on the ADS website at Submissions will be accepted through May 30, 2013, and featured on an interactive map on the ADS website for the next year.

Finalists in each category will be shown at the upcoming National Town Meeting on Demand Response and Smart Grid. Winners will receive a National Town Meeting Award for Excellence in Communication (also known as a “Griddie”).