SJE-Rhombus-040813-body.jpgThe company’s new Tank Alert® AB DUO alarm monitors two levels.

SJE-Rhombus® has introduced the Tank Alert® AB DUO alarm system designed to monitor two liquid level conditions.

The Tank Alert® AB DUO indoor alarm system features two alarm inputs to monitor

two level conditions in lift pump chambers, sump pump basins, holding tanks, and filters.

The sleek design of the alarm features a user friendly touch pad with colored LED indicators for easy visual detection. The alarm horn and red LED indicator activate for a high water alarm condition. The alarm horn and yellow LED activate for alarm 2. The green LED indicates 120V primary power to the alarm. Once the condition is cleared, the alarm automatically resets.

The Tank Alert® AB DUO alarm features a NEMA 1 rated enclosure for indoor use, automatic alarm reset, 9VDC battery backup with low battery chirp function, alarm test switch, horn silence switch and an external terminal block for easy float connections. The alarm can serve as a high level, low level or filter alarm based on the float switch model used. CSA Certified and backed by a three-year limited warranty.