Torad-040113-body.jpgThe company has recently released is innovative multi-function valve design.

Torad Engineering, LLC unveiled their revolutionary multi-fluid injection valve at the recent AHR Expo in Dallas.

Torad Engineering disclosed this novel fluid valve design to provide capacity unloading and vapor/fluid injection to its spool compressor technology. The innovative multi-function fluid valve allows the spool compressor to meet the feature and functional demands for 25 to 100 hp compressors in both air conditioning and refrigeration markets. Like the core spool compressor design, the multi-function valve is simple, reliable and has a low manufacturing cost.

As an unloading device the compressor capacity can be varied depending on system load. As an economizer valve, gas from an economizer circuit can be returned to the compressor for improved system efficiency. Unique to the spool compressor, the single valve could provide both functions in the same compressor.

Joe Orosz, president and COO of Torad commented, “The spool machine technology continues to show its ability to deliver cost effective solutions to the market needs for future compressor technology. The development of the multi-function fluid injection valve is another significant step towards the commercialization of the compressor in larger size applications, as well as refrigeration applications.” “Last year Torad began to confidentially share some of the unique capabilities of the spool compressor, such as the novel fluid valve, with major compressor OEMs. The response and support for product development has been strong”, added Greg Kemp, Torad’s founder and CEO.

Torad’s spool compressor technology features a simple rotary design with four main components: rotor, main housing, vane, and bearing housing. Unlike the complex scroll and screw compressors, the components can be manufactured utilizing lower cost capital equipment. Reliability features include tolerance of liquid flood back, one moving assembly and no loads assisting in bearing longevity.