SEMCO® LLC has introduced the eQ Series, the HVAC industry's most efficient dedicated outdoor air energy recovery system under 15,000-cfm for schools, offices, hotels, and other commercial applications 50,000 square feet and less.

The eQ Series' eight sizes each provide optimum operational savings, pinpoint IAQ control and unprecedented energy efficiency due to a unique on-board microprocessor and premium 3 angstrom (3A) molecular sieve enthalpy wheel technology. 

Developed specifically for the eQ Series by SEMCO, the factory-integrated Dynamic Novel Automation (DNA) controller offers more energy efficiency and pinpoint IAQ options from its feature-rich, user-friendly menu than any other dedicated outdoor air energy recovery brand. For example, the eSEMCO in bodyQ Series monitors both outdoor temperature and dew point to determine whether the eQ Series' enthalpy-based economizer cycle activates both moisture removal and reheating modes.  Pinpoint operational control also helps prevent common desiccant technology challenges, such as exhaust side enthalpy wheel "frosting."  

Unlike competitors with desiccant silica gel technology that adsorbs both moisture and indoor gaseous contaminants or odors, the eQ Series' efficient 3A molecular sieve enthalpy wheel quickly adsorbs exhaust air moisture, but not contaminants that can potentially pollute incoming outdoor air and degenerate IAQ. The enthalpy wheel also uses acid-resistant, anti-microbial and anti-stick coating treatments that help sustain the equipment's lifecycle. 

  Other eQ Series benefits include:

Control system is compatible with all HVAC industry protocols and building automation system brands. Multiple control options help promote system component sustainability;

Standard direct-drive plenum fan and variable frequency drive (VFD) technologies offer a reduction of the losses associated from belts and sheaves, which lessen fan maintenance;

 Enthalpy wheel rotation is designed to operate perpetually, but at optimally-efficient rpm speeds controlled by a VFD and dictated by outdoor weather temperature and humidity conditions;

Purge mode cleans particulates from the enthalpy wheel's outdoor air side to minimize contaminant infiltration to the supply airstream;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Options include heating, pre-heating and cooling coils in any custom sequences, and the flexibility of adding factory-integrated DX split system components;

A recirculation mode allows the eQ Series to function as a self-contained HVAC unit in appropriate geographical areas and outdoor conditions;

LEED® complying MERV 13 outdoor air filter and MERV 8 final filter;

Small footprint configuration that's available in either outdoor or indoor placements or  with up-flow or down-flow air discharge options;

Easy serviceability with single side access doors that open outward, quick disconnect condensate drain pans and coil slide racks;

Encasements are constructed of heavy-duty corrosion-resistant, insulated double-wall Aluzinc;

All models are cataloged with optional configuration variations to accommodate mechanical room or rooftop space constraints.