DuctSoxâ has expanded its acclaimed SkeleCore in-duct cylindrical tensioning system into a new product line with the additions of the SkeleCore FTS (Fabric Tensioning System) and the SkeleCore IHS (Internal Hoop System).

The SkeleCore internal lightweight metal framework system was introduced last year with accolades from both the architects and HVAC engineers as the HVAC industry's first textile air duct cylindrical tensioning device (CTD) that maintains an inflated appearance — even during idle air handler periods — and eliminates the "popping" sound associated with air handler equipment start-up.

The FTS consists of:

• Cylindrical tensioning rings (CTR) attached circumferentially to the fabric via sewn-in clips at the inlet, end cap, and connections (for duct runs beyond 42 feet);

• Fabric-supporting internal rings (IR) spaced every six feet;

• SkeleCore's 3/4-in.-diameter, lightweight aluminum backbone tube, which can be wrenched to expand or contract CTRs laterally up to five inches for fabric tensioning.

DuctSox in bodyThe FTS also features a new vertical suspension system consisting of direct hang cable drops hooking directly to the CTRs and IRs, vs. SkeleCore's previous method of attaching horizontal cable or track to external sewn-in clips. The weight-bearing improvement expands SkeleCore sizes from eight-inch to now up to 60 in.-diameters, available in two-inch increments.

The patent-pending SkeleCore FTS not only appears more streamlined than spiral metal duct, but also saves job costs.  For example, a  50-in.-diameter, 100-ft-long of SkeleCore, which is shipped in components and field-assembled, requires only 15 man-hours installation time versus 44 man-hours for un-insulated spiral metal duct.

Also new is the SkeleCore IHS, a lower-cost system of promoting an inflated textile duct appearance via factory-installed metal hoops. The SkeleCore IHS is shipped in 20-ft sections and installs faster than SkeleCore FTS and all spiral metal duct. The 360-degree hoops are spaced five feet apart and attached to the fabric at the 4, 8, and 12-o'clock positions. This system surpasses the aesthetics of competing 180-degree ring or multiple hanging-point fabric air distribution systems.

Other benefits of the SkeleCore product line are:

• Available with DuctSox's UL-classified fabrics: Sedona-Xm anti-microbial premium permeable fabric, Tuftex non-porous premium fabric,  Duratexnon-porous commercial fabric, and Verona all-purpose commercial fabric. SkeleCore air delivery is available in orifices, vents, SG grommets, and adjustable nozzles.

• Available in all standard DuctSox colors as well as custom colors.

• Comes with 10 to 15-yr warranties for FTS and 5 to 10-year warranties for HIS — both depending upon fpm and fabric type.

• Easily disassembled for air distribution reconfigurations or commercial laundering.

• Carries the same significant energy savings (24.5%) of all DuctSox compared to metal duct/register systems, according to a third-party test performed by the Iowa State University Mechanical Engineering Dept. and posted at www3.me.iastate.edu/bglab.

• Is a retrofit replacement for all other fabric duct brands.

• Compatible with all DuctSox textile air dispersion systems, the adjustable flow device (AFD), personalization/imaging and other accessories.

• Offers same customer support that's always available from the world-leading manufacturer of fabric air dispersion systems.