Daikin McQuay has released a new MicroTech Integrated System for water source heat pump applications, an innovative solution that provides smart controls, high performance and installation as easy as plug and play. It is the only complete system in the small building market to integrate pumps, towers, boilers and ventilation air with a water source heat pump system. It is easy to install, set up and commission, significantly reducing the need for field controls labor so contractors and building owners save time and money.  

The Daikin McQuay MicroTech Integrated System packages equipment and controls that integrate together seamlessly. TheMcQuay in body key to the system is the MicroTech System Manager, a touch panel with an easy to use, web browser-based interface that can be accessed from any other PC, tablet or smartphone. Facility managers can quickly view system status, trend information, change setpoints, and set up schedules.  The built-in ancillary control feature allows users to define and create custom control sequences or alarms unique to their application, without the use of special programming tools. 

“The MicroTech Integrated System for Water Source Heat Pump Applications is another example of industry innovation by Daikin McQuay,” said Wally Bjorkstrand, controls product manager at Daikin McQuay. “We can provide building owners with an affordable option to big building automation systems for water source heat pump systems that helps to make their job easier, their facilities more efficient and their operating costs lower.”

Cost savings are realized immediately during installation as a result of taking the equipment specifications from the system designer’s job drawings or BIM models and downloading it into the unit controller’s right in the factory, which eliminates a big portion of job site programming and set up time that used to be required on the job site.A self-commissioning feature further reduces job site effort by automatically integrating all the components through the easy-to-use touchscreen interface, making startups faster than ever.

A variety of Daikin McQuay products can be integrated in this system including 100 percent outdoor air rooftop units for ventilation, industry leading water source heat pumps for efficient comfort control, and a Loop Water Manager to optimize pumps, towers and boilers. The Daikin McQuay Input/Output Manager allows integration of equipment such as exhaust fans and other ancillary devices.

According to Bjorkstrand, this system is perfect for small to mid-sized buildings over a wide variety of markets including schools, medical and dental clinics, small offices and retail. The addition of Daikin McQuay 100% outdoor air rooftops in this system means that schools and healthcare clinics can more easily meet ASHRAE 62 recommendations for ventilation air and still take advantage of the high efficiency of water source heat pumps, including geothermal applications.