VISEO-Group-011613-body.jpgThe VISEO Group has released the newest version of its project management and ALM solution software.

The VISEO Group has released Codendi, a collaborative project management platform based on Web 2.0 architecture and allows one to manage projects, requirements, tasks, tests and documents.

The platform is entirely configurable and self-adapts to numerous types of projects: software development, human resources, commerce, marketing, industry and even sales. It is also possible to integrate vocabulary, fields, rules and domain specific processes.

Released in November of 2012, Codendi 4.8 is the latest version of the Codendi software and is now equipped with a number of key features for project management as well as improvements in terms of ergonomics and customization.

• The cockpit Manager for project management: A Codendi integrated tool that provides a preview and update of key project indicators. This Web 2.0 application, created especially for managing, allows one to manage projects in real time: providing a visualization of how much of a budget is available in relation to what tasks are yet to complete, follow-up of created business value, project risks and roadmaps.

• Preconfigured templates for project management in agile mode: Model types and “ready to use” for the V-Cycle, Scrum and Kanban. These Service Center and ALM templates that cover upstream (requirement management) and downstream (production) levels of the project, are in the process of development.

• Configuration, at the heart of the Codendi platform: 100% configurable, Codendi 4.8 allows one to personalize projects, follow-up tools, documents, dashboards as well as user rights. It is equally possible to define workflows and project models.

 • An ergonomic enriched version: a facilitated general navigation of the platform with a new theme, a rich and high value level of reporting thanks to the addition of rich text for all fields and, finally, an import/export feature with Excel, allowing one to install requirements, tasks or other activities within Excel and to integrate them into Codendi.