Bitzer-011613-body.jpgThe company’s compressor selection software is now online.

Choosing compressors and pressure vessels from the BITZER portfolio has just become even more convenient. Alongside the familiar Windows version of its layout software, BITZER is now offering the same application online at

This software can be used to calculate, design and configure compressors and pressure vessels specifically for your particular system. As well as providing standard output parameters for compressor design, the online selection software also links up to BITZER’s considerable stock of information relating to the design, documentation and operation of its products. Not only can you access complete documentation and CAD diagrams, you can also use the familiar interface online to generate data sheets containing performance figures, limits of use, technical specifications and drawings of dimensions. ESEER and IPLV seasonal efficiency data can also be calculated.

This mobile layout software is universal and can be used on any browser running on Mac-OS, Unix or Windows. It is always up to date so there aren’t any tedious updates to download. You can also select an optimized view that works on common smart phones and tablets. The software is currently available in 11 languages and used in 120 different countries.