QA-Graphjcs-123112-body.jpgQA Graphics has developed a 3D graphic library for Tridium’s NiagaraAX Framework® 3.7

QA Graphics has developed the new symbol library recently released with Tridium’s  NiagaraAX Framework® 3.7.

QA Graphics partnered with Tridium in Spring of 2012, to develop a custom graphic library exclusively for Tridium’s latest update to its core software, NiagaraAX Framework® 3.7. This new release includes built-in mobile support, enhanced security features, new web access features which facilitates development on NiagaraAX, and the updated graphics. The new library provides access to high-end graphics and animations that realistically represent the mechanical systems in place. The graphics are pre-installed on all Tridium NiagaraAX JACE and Supervisor devices including: AX Supervisor, the AX SoftJACE®, JACE®-2, JACE®-6E, JACE®-7, JACE®-NXT, and JACE®-603/645 Series.

The new library provides a number of enhancements, including an expanded set of photo-realistic looking symbols. Another feature that QA Graphics implemented was making everything within the library “snap” to the default grid settings within the Px Editor. This makes graphic development easier, saving users both time and money. The management of the graphics has also been improved; rather than loading the entire library on to Station, only the library objects actually being used are loaded.

“We looked to QA Graphics to develop the new library because of their expertise within the industry,” said John Sublett, chief technology officer, Tridium. “The inclusion of the QA Graphics library is a significant improvement over our previous library and shows our commitment to improving the quality of the images and ease of use.”

For those that do not have the time to develop graphics, QA Graphics also provides graphic development services. QA Graphics has the ability to remotely access a NiagaraAX system and install and bind the graphics. This is advantageous for integrators because it reduces the risk of overwriting changes they’ve made to their database. They can also receive the Station and build graphics "offline." QA Graphics works closely with the integrator to ensure all graphics are functioning properly. QA Graphics will continue to develop solutions to ensure streamlined use of their graphic solutions with NiagaraAX.    

As the leader in graphic solutions for the building automation industry, they have developed custom libraries for six of the largest control companies in the industry. QA Graphics provides design services for all BAS, including BAS graphics, CAD floor plans, data center graphics, 3D graphics, multimedia, and other custom solutions.